Holding Out For A Hero

Breakout Act 1 - Prison Break Part 2

Overwhelming odds

When we last left our intrepid heroes, Captain America and Iron Man were inside the Ryker’s Island prison system’s super-villain holding facility, The Raft, facing off against Carnage. On the surface the group consisting of Spider-Man, Cyclops and Wolverine had defeated Living Laser and driven off Count Nefaria.

Cyclops, Spider-Man and Wolverine bicker a bit before getting some information from the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents about the breakout. They open an elevator shaft, Spidey makes a web line, and down they go!

Inside the complex, Carnage gets a hold of Cap who valiantly attempts to fight his way free. Iron Man struggles to free his friend. Carnage, however, senses Spider-Man approaching and bugs out.

The heroes from above open the elevator to find Foggy Nelson hiding inside, and then they rip open the doors to unite with Captain America and Iron Man. They make the obligatory notes comparison just before a huge mob of escaping prisoners, lead by an armed Jigsaw, descends on the group.

Cyclops, Iron Man and Spider-Man work hard at thinning out the numbers, while Cap and Wolverine take turns beating on Jigsaw. Just as it looks like the heroes have things under control, the Controller approaches out of the masses, fully suited-up. He doesn’t last long, however, as Cap’s indomitable spirit resists the Controller’s devices, and together the heroes take the last villains down.

At least four villains escaped… and there’s the question of what happened to cause the breakout in the first place. What will be the heroes’ next move?

To be continued…