conceptually different

You may have RP’d before, many games.

You may have even used Cortex rules, or dice pools, before.

Trust me when I say that I’m almost positive you’ve not played a game like this before.

What other game has an initiative system that isn’t stat or die-based, but common sense and group consensus based?

What other game says “what do you want to do” and you frame your desired action in “succeed this happens, fail this happens” and then rationalize what stats on your character sheet support that action?

What other game doesn’t track hit points or health but instead tracks three separate types of stress, and implicit in the rules is the “you go down well before dying is an issue” as well as the notion that you (or enemy NPCs) can be taken out via mental or emotional stress?

What other game grants XP not based on fighting enemies, collecting treasure nor accomplishing quests but instead based on player-chosen paths for their characters and reaching goal markers in developing said character paths?

Right… I can’t think of one, either.

conceptually different

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