Holding Out For A Hero

Breakout Act 1 - Prison Break Part 2
Overwhelming odds

When we last left our intrepid heroes, Captain America and Iron Man were inside the Ryker’s Island prison system’s super-villain holding facility, The Raft, facing off against Carnage. On the surface the group consisting of Spider-Man, Cyclops and Wolverine had defeated Living Laser and driven off Count Nefaria.

Cyclops, Spider-Man and Wolverine bicker a bit before getting some information from the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents about the breakout. They open an elevator shaft, Spidey makes a web line, and down they go!

Inside the complex, Carnage gets a hold of Cap who valiantly attempts to fight his way free. Iron Man struggles to free his friend. Carnage, however, senses Spider-Man approaching and bugs out.

The heroes from above open the elevator to find Foggy Nelson hiding inside, and then they rip open the doors to unite with Captain America and Iron Man. They make the obligatory notes comparison just before a huge mob of escaping prisoners, lead by an armed Jigsaw, descends on the group.

Cyclops, Iron Man and Spider-Man work hard at thinning out the numbers, while Cap and Wolverine take turns beating on Jigsaw. Just as it looks like the heroes have things under control, the Controller approaches out of the masses, fully suited-up. He doesn’t last long, however, as Cap’s indomitable spirit resists the Controller’s devices, and together the heroes take the last villains down.

At least four villains escaped… and there’s the question of what happened to cause the breakout in the first place. What will be the heroes’ next move?

To be continued…

Breakout Act 1 - Prison Break Part 1
Fun with prisoners

A typical night in New York City.

Spider-Man, in his civilian identity of Peter Parker, is trying to spend a quiet evening with his wife, Mary Jane.

On The Raft, Iron Man is escorting Matt Murdoch and Foggy Nelson to meet with a prisoner named Bob Reynolds, who calls himself The Sentry, partially because Mr. Murdoch called for Tony Stark to pull strings to arrange the consultation, and partially because during some drunken hazes Iron Man had started hallucinating about a super-hero friend called The Sentry. Accompanying this group as SHIELD’s super-powered liaison is Captain America.

Meanwhile, Cyclops received a tip that something was going to happen at The Raft and drafted Wolverine to come along with him to check it out.

An electrical explosion happens at The Raft which blows out it’s power and a good portion of Manhattan.

Cyclops and Wolverine hop in their X-Jet and fly over to the island. At the same time Spider-Man leaves MJ with cab fare and makes a giant web sling-shot to hurl himself across the bay to the island prison.

Inside the prions, Captain America, Iron Man and their charges find themselves in a shut-down elevator. At Cap’s suggestion, Iron Man wires his suit to the elevator and engages a fast paced but controlled descent, dropping them off at the lowest level of the prison (well, lowest cell level – the generators are beneath them.)

The heroes that arrive on the landing dock on the roof of The Raft witness Electro flying away from the prison with someone else in tow. SHIELD agents greet the arriving heroes, who say their hello’s to one another just before a gigantic blast rips through The Raft and out of the chaos emerges Count Nefaria and Living Laser.

Simultaneously down below, Captain America convinces Foggy Nelson to wait in the elevator, which Iron Man welds shut, while the heroes go searching to see what’s happening. Matt Murdoch has gone missing as well.

Spider-Man decides to engage the villains and not allow them to escape. With S.H.I.E.L.D. agents providing cover fire, he swings over and tries to boot Count Nefaria in the face. The attack misses and Count Nefaria, in turn, so belittles Spidey with such menace that the wall-crawler is rattled. Wolverine menaces Count Nefaria in turn and the villain becomes sputtering mad.

Meanwhile, inside The Raft, Carnage gets the drop on the heroes. Captain America and Carnage fight over the shield while Iron Man gets hit by his own missile which shuts down his missile system.

Eventually the heroes on the surface take down Living Laser but the fight is unfinished!

To Be Continued…


First adventure will be Breakout.

Timeline: The Avengers have disassembled, with Vision being torn apart, Hawkeye and Ant Man dying, and Avengers mansion blown to smithereens. The X-Men are going through some growing pains of their own (including everyone adjusting to Scott and Emma being an item) as every writer tries to overcome the crap that Morrison had done to the already damaged X-brand, er, as the team tried to become super-heroes again, and the Fantastic Four are off in space.

It’s not a bright time in the Marvel Universe but, hey, that’s what you get when Bendis is gaining more and more influence.

Snark aside, the Breakout story is pretty fun and a great way to make a new team of Avengers so… we’re going with it.